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Who we are

Horizon Mining is proud of being a solid and reliable provider for the crypto mining infrastructure in the United States. We work with power companies to locate low cost electricity capacity across the United States, design and build crypto mining sites based on available resources, and operate the sites for both in house mining needs and that of our strategic partners.

To explore the present and future opportunities of blockchain technologies, Horizon Mining works closely with the leading mining technology companies and ASIC miner developers. We aggressively invest in hardware, software, and new technologies to contribute to the sustainable growth of energy-efficient, high-output, and environmentally-friendly hashrate build up.

What we do

  • Search for low-cost, high-capacity power sources across a variety of states by working with power companies
  • Design, develop, maintain, and operate our crypto mining sites, ranging from 10-50 mW capacities
  • Host miners for both in house needs and strategic partners
  • Invest in leading mining technologies to maintain energy efficient and sustainable growth of hashrate
  • Invest in new infrastructure technology (environmentally friendly cooling technologies, noise management, and modular deployment of miners).
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